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There Is No Separate Self

9:29 - published 31 Jul 2011
In this discourse, Adi Da addresses the fact that the assumption of a separate self or being, is not really the case. It is in fact an illusion and a "lie" that rules our entire life.
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The Essence of The Way of Adidam

8:49 - published 28 Dec 2008
Enlightenment or God is not realized by any technique or method made through the body or mind. The point of view of the body-mind is always separation from others and from the Divine. The Way of Adidam is the way of tacit recognition and response the Realized Adept, who has transcended the body-mind point of view. Through this time honored means, true liberation is realized.
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Beyond the Familiar (Divine Enlightenment is a Unique State)

7:23 - published 27 Jun 2008
Adi Da Samraj tells us why it is important NOT to assume a conventional, socially "familiar" relationship to a Divinely Enlightened being. What is appropriate is the traditional master-disciple or guru-devotee relationship, based on direct heart recognition. This allows the God-Realized Master's State to be duplicated in others.
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You Can't Get There From Here

7:36 - published 13 Feb 2008
Human beings are in a paradoxical quandary in trying to liberate themselves from the suffering of life. We assume the position of our body-minds which are fixed in point of view in time and place. To try to "get there" from that point of view is not possible.
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Is 'God' the 'Creator' of Conditions?

7:16 - published 10 Dec 2007
To experience conditions, there must be an assumed and separate point-of-view. Adi Da explains that in Seventh Stage Realization, this egoic presumption of point-of-view is transcended. In that case, all conditions and separate 'world' are vanished in Divine Brightness.
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The "Bright" Beyond the "God" Idea

5:27 - published 15 Apr 2007
Adi Da Samraj addresses the Ultimate Divine Reality, which is Conscious Light - beyond cause and effect and even beyond 'point of view' itself.
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